About KeepActive

Our Vision

A future where people are socially connected, physically active and inclusive for all.

Our Mission

Be the platform that supports people on their fitness journey - connecting them with like-minded locals, trainers, coaches and organisers

We believe through our efforts on Keepactive.com.au, we can help promote:

  • An active lifestyle that is easy to maintain promoting physical health.
  • A social connection with new friends and your local community contributing towards good mental health.

Barriers in Community & Physical Activity

There are many barriers that stop people from participating in physical activity.

  • Costs of participation
  • Cultural Barriers
  • Friend & Family don't share same interests
  • Working odd hours
  • Restrictive uniform codes
  • Unable to commit to a regular timing
  • Fear of injury or being a beginner

By creating KeepActive, we hope to make it easier for people to discover local options to people that work for their individual circumstances. We want to encourage and support community initiatives like community specific groups, beginner groups, ladies only groups, odd-hour groups etc.. These initiative are providing new ways for people to connect locally in a friendly safe, supportive and fun environment.

Our Story

Meet Kunal and Sherol, co-founders of KeepActive. Having struggled personally with many of the physical activity barriers, they found incredible changes and incredible engagement from the people they met through their local WhatsApp badminton groups. But, attracting players was a constant struggle. They noticed this was common problem for most of these groups. The groups were scattered across multiple platforms - WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger and various websites created by different community led organisations. Many of these groups were not discoverable and were dying due to lack of active members. By creating KeepActive, they want to provide a platform that helps more people easily discover their local physical activity groups. We also have local organisers, trainers and coaches to support you in getting your confidence when engaging in new activity and avoid injury.

The benefits of these groups extend way beyond the community connections. Research has shown team sports and other social physical activity can improve confidence, mental health, performance at work and lead to a happier lifestyle.

We hope you will join us on this journey.

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KeepActive Founder - Kunal Kalra & Sherol Singh