How KeepActive works?

At KeepActive, we want to help people connect with their local community and encourage more people to get active.

Choose an option below to learn more about how we can help you.

  1. I want to get active or find new friends.
  2. I am a group or social sports organiser looking for more members.
  3. I am a trainer or coach.
  4. I am a venue looking to increase participation.


KeepActive offers a number of ways to support you getting active and making new local friends.
Here is a quick overview:

  1. Find local groups, organisers, coaches and trainers near you
  2. Participate in KeepActive groups - Become a KeepActive member to participate in a group hosted on KeepActive
  3. Stay in touch - Sign up and get notified when new activities get created around your suburb.
  4. Become an Organiser - Create your own local group based on your preferences and chosen activity. You can create a group on KeepActive, or list an existing group from Facebook, WhatsApp or any other platform of your choice.
    Learn more in the organisers section

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Group or Socials Organisers

Want to start your own group? Or have an existing group or social? Here is some ways KeepActive can help:

  1. List your group - Already have a WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal or Facebook group, then register and list your group on KeepActive to make your group more discoverable.
  2. Host on KeepActive - Member Management, Messages and Events - No need to give your phone number to everybody. Host your group on KeepActive and you can manage members, create events, collect RSVPs and chat to your members.
  3. Set your preferences - Each of us is different and we have different needs. KeepActive allows you to set your own preferences (day and time, level of play, age, gender, community etc..) to maximise the chance you will meet the right people, stay motivated to play and have fun. This could be a local ladies walking group, a LGBTIQ+ hiking group, an Indian community cricket group, a Chinese community mens basketball group or a seniors walking netball group.
  4. Local Discoverability - Make your group discoverable locally. Our locality search makes it easy for people to find local activities based on their travel preferences.

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Trainers & Coaches

Are you a fitness trainer, dance coach or sports coach looking for new leads? Join KeepActive to:

  1. List your training services by suburb to attract locals looking to get active.
  2. Build your credibility and brand awareness by listing your profile and having a dedicated page for your business.
  3. Support locals looking to get back into fitness by helping them improve their skill, gain confidence and avoid injury.

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Wants to increase participation at your venue? Or appeal to a more diverse community?

  1. List your socials to help more people discover local options.
  2. Did you know people have different preferences? Some people prefer beginner only group, some prefer ladies only group and yet others prefer playing with people from their own community. Partner with us and link to KeepActive on your website to encourage your site visitors to create their own local groups if existing socials on your site don't suit them.

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