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Carlton Racketeers - Social Badminton at Carlton Baths

Provider : Carlton Racketeers
Carlton Racketeers - Social Badminton at Carlton Baths image

Activity Details

We are a group of beginners and intermediates who play every Friday 6-7:30pm at Carlton Baths (close to the CBD!). Everyone is welcome to join us, just make sure you sign up on our website :D.

Location : Carlton Baths, Rathdowne Street, Carlton VIC, Australia
Cost : $ 10.00
Activities : Badminton
Gender : Any
Days : Friday
Age Group : 18 to 25, 26 to 35, 36 to 50, 51 to 65, 65+
Level : Beginner, Intermediate
Carlton Racketeers - Social Badminton at Carlton Baths image

About the provider

Carlton Racketeers

We are a small social badminton club that encourages beginners and intermediate players to hit a few shuttles on Friday nights. We have three courts at Carlton Baths for 1.5hrs starting at 6pm for only $13.

Address: 216/248 Rathdowne St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

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Engaging in badminton socially can be a fun and enjoyable way to exercise and spend time with friends. It's generally a low-impact and relatively safe sport, though it's important to warm up properly and use appropriate equipment like a good quality racquet and shuttlecock.

When playing badminton socially, players often take a casual approach to the rules, modifying them to suit the level and ability of the players. For example, players may agree to let the shuttlecock bounce before returning it or play with a lower net. It's also common for players to engage in informal 'sides' matches, rather than strictly singles or doubles, with the winning side being the first to reach a certain number of points.

For those interested in more structured training, badminton lessons offer a focused approach to improving skills and technique through drills and instruction. Lessons may be available from individual badminton coaches or as part of a class or program at a sports club or community center. Typical topics covered in badminton lessons include footwork, grip, shot selection, and strategies for playing both singles and doubles matches.

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Overall, badminton is a popular sport that offers a variety of benefits for both the body and mind.