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Irregular badminton 🏸

Group Details

Irregular badminton 🏸 image

Whoever likes me, work in some industries like hospitality, and hardly to make regular time to do exercise or practice badminton,just simply join this group and we can make up some time to practice together or just a casual game for exercise purpose and make some new friends in the same time!

Location : Melbourne VIC, Australia
Cost : Approx $8.00
Activities : Badminton
Gender : Any
Days : Sunday, Wednesday
Age Group : 18 to 25, 26 to 35, 36 to 50
Level : Beginner, Intermediate
Irregular badminton 🏸 image

Upcoming Events

Sunday morning game

Location: Mitcham badminton centre Time approximately: 12-1pm Court fee and shuttlecocks will be shared between players.

Mitcham VIC, Australia

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Melbourne Young Hikers image
Melbourne Young Hikers

Melbourne Young Hikers is a diverse group of young people and passionate about the outdoors, adventure and protecting Victoria’s incredible natural environment.

Joining this group is a great opportunity to go on adventures with people you can relate to, make friendships, and challenge yourself physically. Please come along to our social nights, info nights and check out our future events to find out more about us.

All our hikes are open only to paid members ($43 per year). We are a non-for-profit association, and the membership money is used to purchase insurance from Bushwalking Victoria that covers all paid members...

Melbourne VIC
Approx $5.00
Sat, Sun
Melbourne Social Soccer Inc image
Melbourne Social Soccer Inc

Sharing the Beautiful Game!

We are a Non-For-Profit Organisation which exists to encourage cultural exchange and diversity through the beautiful game of football!

Our goal is to provide quality, accessible and affordable social soccer for all who love sharing the game, no matter who you are nor where you're from.

The social yet competitive balance within our games and tournaments on Saturdays and Sundays has given place to many years of great competition, awesome skills, and has helped create many significant friendships along the way.

Our games are fun and friendly, but also competitive. Our games are social-mixed and are...

Melbourne VIC
Approx $10.00
Sat, Mon, Wed
Melbourne Social Walks - Hiking and Camping image
Melbourne Social Walks - Hiking and Camping

A great way to meet new people in Melbourne especially for Travelers that are looking for new friends.

I’ve been organising these for years so I’ve learnt a thing or two on what makes a good social group. Engagement is everything. There are loads of hiking groups that exist in Victoria alone but rarely utilitised.

EVERY fortnight without fail there is a hike. New people are always welcome.

Melbourne VIC
Sat, Sun

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