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Basketball Camps

Provider : Tomorrow's Stars Basketball
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Activity Details

The training camps at Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball is an ideal way for your child to learn and improve their basketball skills in leaps and bounds. The brainchild of ex-NBL professional and Slam Dunk Champion, Brett Rainbow, a variety of specialised training courses to suit different ages and skill levels are on offer. With the goal of giving back to the game that provided so much to him growing up, Brett is passionate about the younger generations to take on the mantle to become tomorrows future in basketball.

Location : Melbourne VIC, Australia
Cost : Approx $ 130.00
Activities : Basketball
Gender : Non-Binary
Days : Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Age Group : 5 to 11, 12 to 17
Level : Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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About the provider

Tomorrow's Stars Basketball

Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball is an Australian owned and operated business specialising in professional basketball training and coaching. We provide a balanced training environment where the transfer of knowledge, the execution of skills and personal satisfaction are key ingredients to our students’ individual and team success. Our mission; to create a new style of basketball player that captures the very essence of the sport and will ensure its sustainability here in Australia. We achieve this through effective, game-driven training and coaching techniques, we can accomplish this mission for each and every player we work with.

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Basketball partner or two in Richmond, Balwyn North or Albert Park image

Basketball partner or two in Richmond, Balwyn North or Albert Park

I've been looking for a FREE shooting and/or rebounding partner for mutual exercise, improvement and fun. Keep in mind I have years of rep/club playing experience and watched a lot of professional bball (Olympics, NBA, NBL games) since I was little (so you'll learn a ton from me!), but this is open to all ages, genders, and experience levels (preferably someone who knows how to dribble and make breakaway moves safely without harm to the defender, at the very least).

I prefer someone who is available at least once-two sessions per week every week. More is better of course! Please...
Richmond VIC
Age: 18 - 50
3.7 km from Melbourne
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
Basketball Club with Professional Coaching in St Kilda image

Basketball Club with Professional Coaching in St Kilda

Provider: St Kilda Warriors Basketball Club
St Kilda Basketball Club stands as a beacon of a distinctive community-driven model for domestic-level basketball, offering girls and boys teams from U10 to U 18 age groups (7-17 year olds). Our approach transcends the game itself, aiming for a holistic development that extends beyond basketball skills. We’re committed to cultivating a culture that not only seeks personal excellence in basketball but also acknowledges the broader benefits the sport offers—such as building confidence, fostering lifelong friendships, enhancing communication skills, and nurturing a sense of belonging. For us, it’s about what our players gain from basketball that enriches their daily lives,...
St Kilda VIC
Approx $25.00
Age: 5 - 17
5.6 km from Melbourne
Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
Playfit Social Basketball Club image

Playfit Social Basketball Club

Playfit is a Mixed Gender Social Basketball Club.

We’re all about having fun, keeping fit, and building an inclusive community of fantastic people.

As well as our basketball sessions, we run a number of social events for our members throughout the year.

See our website for membership pricing and more details.
St Kilda VIC
Approx $15.00
Age: 18 - 50
6 km from Melbourne
Sat, Sun, Mon, Thu

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