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Beginner Salsa Bachata in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs

Beginner Salsa Bachata in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs image

Activity Details

This listing is more for beginners, but intermediate or experienced are all welcome to help the beginners learn faster. You need to have a sense of humour, patience, tolerance and understanding for others, especially if you have latin dancing experience or are Latina/o, as the other dancer may not be at your level.

What to expect? Fun, exercise, new friendships and growth in your ability to dance Latin, self-confidence and physical health! This will help you fit in some enjoyable dance time to get you out of your stressful study and work lifestyle! Make a positive difference in your physical, emotional and mental health!

What is the frequency? Once or more times a week, depending of course on your availability, commitment, and preference.

What time of day? Normally after 5:00pm weeknights and weekends.

What are the costs? FREE, or a small booking fee depending on the venue. The venue will be agreed upon and we will meet in a dance studio in either: Melbourne CBD, Fairfield or Preston.

What to bring? Yourself! A suitable outfit and shoes for Latin dancing/safety to prevent any foot injuries.

All ages and abilities welcome!

Looking for something fun to do in Melbourne?

Wanna try something new?

Ever wanted to try Salsa and/or Bachata Latin Dancing?

Or brush up and build upon your Latin dancing skills, as it's been a long time since you danced?

Here it is! Absolutely FREE Beginners Salsa classes in Melbourne CBD and other nearby suburbs!

Meet new people and make friends!

Get fit and active

Lots of fun, smiles and laughs

Great for singles

More info:

Everyone is welcome!

No experience necessary

No partner required

Send a join request now!

Location : Melbourne VIC, Australia
Cost : FREE
Activities : Dancing
Gender : Any
Days : Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Age Group : 18 to 25, 26 to 35, 36 to 50
Level : Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Beginner Salsa Bachata in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs image

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