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CanToo Sydney Marathon Run Training & Fundraising - East

Provider : CanToo Foundation (not-for-profit)
CanToo Sydney Marathon Run Training & Fundraising - East image

Activity Details

Become A Marathoner... and smash the barriers to a longer, healthier life for yourself - and for people with cancer.

Step up with CanToo and become part of the city's history as Sydney bids for World Marathon Major status.

This program is for anyone looking to train in a fun, safe, group environment for the Sydney Marathon while also giving back by raising funds to support cancer researchers in Australia.

On 15 September 2024 you and your CanToo team will tackle the iconic Sydney Marathon with some of the biggest names in world distance running.

This is an ideal event for anyone with half marathon experience, looking to stretch themselves and tackle that Marathon distance.

If you're concerned about your ability, please contact us. We'd love to help you set a suitable goal.

Your program registration fee covers our professional coaching, training guides, venue fees, site fees, insurances and support for the full 20 weeks.

This is a comprehensive program with two face-to-face coached group sessions per week plus a full written guide with daily, structured training.

All group sessions are led by a supportive, approachable marathon running coach with extensive experience of taking novices and multiple marathoners to their goal events.

Fundraising to support cancer researchers in Australia is a huge part of who we are. Since 2005, we have coached over 22,000 participants and our community have raised over $33 million to fund research.

Location : Kensington NSW, Australia
Cost : $ 329.00
Activities : Running
Gender : Any
Days : Saturday, Wednesday
Age Group : 18 to 25, 26 to 35, 36 to 50, 51 to 65, 65+
Level : Intermediate, Advanced

CanToo Sydney Marathon Run Training & Fundraising - East image

About the provider

CanToo Foundation (not-for-profit)

Can Too Foundation is an independent health promotion charity committed to funding cancer research.

In return for professionally coached training programs, our participants fundraise much-needed support for Australian cancer research to fund the most brilliant, innovative early career cancer researchers.

At Can Too, we believe everyone can achieve goals they once thought impossible. We believe life is what you make of it, that anything is possible, and if you’re willing to take that first step, you CAN TOO!

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