Your Definitive List of Squash Courts & Venues in Melbourne

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Your Definitive List of Squash Courts & Venues in Melbourne

Are you looking to pick up a racket and dive into the thrilling world of squash in Melbourne? Well, you're in luck because Melbourne offers a plethora of fantastic venues where you can enjoy this fast-paced and exhilarating sport.

Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC)

Looking for a world-class squash experience in Melbourne? Look no further than the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC)! This exceptional venue houses a magnificent array of 10 top-notch squash courts that truly set the standard.

Picture this: courts designed to international standards, equipped with spring floors for that extra bounce, and enveloped within air-conditioned halls for the utmost comfort during your games. MSAC isn't just any squash destination; it's the beating heart of Squash Victoria, hosting the prestigious Australian Open Squash Championships.

To secure your spot on these courts, it's wise to plan ahead – simply book and pay online in advance to ensure your chance to experience the thrill of playing in this premier squash hub. Whether you're a seasoned player seeking competitive action or a newcomer eager to test your skills, MSAC promises an unparalleled squash adventure that's not to be missed!

La Trobe Indoor Sports Centre

La Trobe Indoor Sports Centre stands as a versatile hub catering to a multitude of sports and recreational activities. Offering a diverse array of options, this venue is a haven for sports enthusiasts of varying interests.

Whether your passion lies in squash, basketball, badminton, netball, futsal, or volleyball, La Trobe Indoor Sports Centre ensures an inclusive environment for all. Picture a space where each sport is embraced with equal enthusiasm, accompanied by top-quality equipment and facilities.

The center prides itself on being a one-stop destination for sports lovers seeking an engaging and vibrant experience. Whether you're aiming for an intense game of squash, a competitive match in basketball, or a spirited round of volleyball, this venue delivers on its promise to provide a platform for diverse sports and recreational pursuits. With its commitment to fostering an inclusive atmosphere, La Trobe Indoor Sports Centre welcomes players of all skill levels to partake in the thrill and excitement of their favorite sporting activities.

Monash Sport Clayton

Nestled within Monash Sport Clayton lies a versatile sports complex that's a haven for athletes and sports enthusiasts alike.

This multifaceted hub boasts a myriad of indoor courts and top-notch facilities, catering to a wide spectrum of sports and events.

With a range of indoor courts and facilities available, this venue accommodates various sporting passions. Whether you're inclined towards basketball, netball, futsal, badminton, volleyball, or even hockey, Monash Sport Clayton has every sport covered under its roof.

Equipped with state-of-the-art amenities tailored for each sport, it ensures an optimal environment for athletes and enthusiasts to hone their skills and enjoy their favorite activities. This commitment to versatility and quality facilities solidifies Monash Sport Clayton's position as a premier destination for sports lovers seeking a dynamic and inclusive space to engage in their chosen sports and events.

Fitzys Gym & Squash Centre

In the heart of Brunswick lies Fitzys Gym & Squash Centre, a haven for squash enthusiasts of all ages and fitness levels. With five courts, including two glass show courts, it's a welcoming space for casual players, club competitions, or those seeking coaching.

Diamond Valley Sports & Fitness Centre (DVSFC)

DVSFC offers three squash courts as part of its membership or for casual hire. After a $16.5 million revamp, it now boasts an eight-court stadium catering to basketball, netball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, and dodgeball.

Squash Melbourne

Situated in Moorabbin, Squash Melbourne is Victoria's largest purpose-built squash facility. It's equipped with 12 courts, shower facilities, an in-house gym, and even an infra-red sauna. This is your go-to spot for both casual and competitive squash.

Westerfolds Sports Centre

Westerfolds is your go-to place for swimming, squash, and racquetball in Melbourne. Offering an excellent junior program, this centre has eight fantastic squash and racquetball courts available for casual hire or pennant teams.

RMIT Sports Centre - Bundoora

RMIT Sports Centre caters to all your fitness goals. With state-of-the-art facilities, including three squash courts among various other sports amenities, it's an excellent place for students and the community alike.

Cranbourne Aikido & Fitness Centre

Located at Cranbourne, the Cranbourne Aikido & Fitness Centre offers a public-accessible space for squash enthusiasts eager to enjoy the sport. This center welcomes casual bookings for squash courts. Given the popularity, securing court space in the evenings can be challenging. To ensure availability, it's advisable to book well in advance. For those inclined towards competitive play, the centre also offers a Competition Pennant.

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No worries, we've got your back! Our squash venue directory is like your secret map to uncovering awesome squash courts, whether you're looking for Melbourne squash courts or Sydney squash courts.

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