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Running Club, Groups & Coaches in Rockhampton QLD

Find local running groups, run organisers and coaches near Rockhampton QLD. Whether it is casual, social or competitive - we want to help you find a group that works for you.Whatever your age, gender identity, background, fitness level, preferred activity or group size, we believe in connecting you to services that work for you and your lifestyle.

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Suggested groups & Activities in and around Rockhampton QLD

Stockland Striders Walking Group image
Stockland Striders Walking Group
Provider: Heart Foundation Walking Groups
Heart Foundation Walking group located in Rockhampton (QLD).
Walking Speed: Medium pace
Frequency: Daily
Dog Friendly: No
Pram Friendly: No

When you have found a Heart Foundation Walking group that suits you best, click through to the website to learn more and complete the registration form. You can contact the Walk Organiser of your chosen group with any questions regarding the group.

Please Note:
The image provided is a generic image and not an actual representation of the group. Some information such as age group and gender of group may not be accurate. We recommend contacting the organiser if you...
Rockhampton QLD
Age: 18 - 65+
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
Gladstone walking group - Man Walk image
Gladstone walking group - Man Walk
Provider: The Man Walk
Walk, talk, support - that's the motto of 'the man walk' - a walking group giving blokes an opportunity, and a safe space, to open up and discuss any issues they may be having.

Starting Point: East Shores Parkland
Start Time: 5:00pm
Duration: 45 - 60mins

Days: Friday

For more information, please visit our website.
Gladstone Central QLD
Age: 36 - 65+
78.9 km from Rockhampton QLD

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Thinking of playing socially or getting training/coaching?

Joining a running group or club can be a great way to prepare for a running event, such as fun runs, 5km runs, 10km runs, half marathons, and full marathons. Running with a group can provide motivation, accountability, and a sense of camaraderie. It can also give you access to experienced runners who can provide training tips and advice. Many running clubs offer group training runs and organized events. Training with a group can also help you to stay on track with your training schedule and make progress towards your goals. Additionally, it can be a fun and social way to stay active and meet new people who share your passion for running.

Another option to consider when training is a Need help figuring out where to join a running group? Search our website to find running groups nearby.

href='https://keepactive.com.au/groups?sport=running'>running coach. A running coach is a professional who can help you to improve your running performance and reach your goals. Running coaches typically have a deep understanding of the sport, including training techniques, injury prevention, and nutrition. They can help you to develop a personalized training plan that takes into account your current fitness level, goals, and any existing injuries or health conditions.

A running coach can help you to track your progress and make adjustments to your training as needed. They can also provide guidance on things like proper form, pacing, and race strategy. In addition to providing technical advice, a coach can also help you to stay motivated and accountable, which can be especially helpful if you are training for a specific event.